Classic Scotcheroos Recipes

Classic Scotcheroos! Crisp, puffy rice cereal is coated in a sweet and sticky peanut butter coating, pressed into bars then covered in a decadent layer of butterscotch and chocolate chips.

Pyramidal shaped stack of scotcheroos on a white plate, plate is set over a blue cloth and a wooden platter on a marble surface.

Classic Scotcheroos Recipes

Scotcheroos are simple treat and a nostalgic childhood favorite! The recipe was made in 1960’s by the Kellogg’s company. The recipe was first printed on a cereal box and has gained popularity from there.

They are a super easy, no bake treat that consists if eight basic pantry staples. They are a rather sweet bar that’s balanced with the salty flavor of peanut butter and rich depth of chocolate.

People of all ages love these! They are one of those deliciously addictive treats so plan on sharing.

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