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Pasta Carbonara

This easy Pasta Carbonara comes together in about 30 minutes and is the perfect weeknight dinner! Packed with crispy bacon and mixed with the creamiest carbonara sauce, this recipe is a total knockout. 

Pasta carbonara shown in a large white serving bowl.

Easy Pasta Carbonara

Pasta carbonara is one of those simple dinners we should all know how to make. It’s the perfect go-to for a busy weeknight, and it’s also a dish fit for the weekend or even to serve to guests.

It seems like one of those dinners with so few ingredients that how could you possibly mess it up, but oh how you can if you aren’t using with the right method. I’m no expert on carbonara, which is why I turned to Cook’s Illustrated, they are the kitchen geniuses.

This recipe works so well because pasta is boiled in less water with to really concentrate the starches, which will help bind everything in the sauce and prevent separation when you add it to the egg mixture.

Another helpful tip is that the bacon is simmered in water first. Bacon seems easy to burn or can cook unevenly in a skillet, and pieces stick. But when going this route and cooking it in water first, it works like a charm.

And lastly this recipe contains the perfect ratio of eggs and yolks (or one yolk in this case) to have the perfect carbonara, custard-rich flavor and the perfect consistency.

Recipe originally lists Romano cheese, but I always have Parmesan on hand so I went with that to keep the simple weeknight meal idea here, but I’m sure Romano would also be delicious. Better yet, use half of each. Just be sure it’s freshly grated. Enjoy!

Spaghetti carbonara shown close up swirled around a fork.

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