Nutritional value of Eating Palm Tree Worms

If you grew up in a typical African Society, you will agree with me when I say that Palm tree worms otherwise called Sago worms are highly desired delicacies. These little worms are usually gotten from palm trees hence the traditionally coined name Palm Tree worms.

In some african societies, Nigeria to be precise most people use this particular worm notwithstanding it’s appearance to prepare wonderful dishes. It is either boiled, roasted or eating raw by some people but the most surprising aspect is that this worm comes with a number of health benefits.

A first glance at it might make you want to vomit but after tasting it, there is no way you won’t want to have more. I have tasted it a couple of times and I must confess that sometimes it tastes better than the fish and meat we use for preparing food.

That aside though, the main aim of writing this article is to have a look at some facts about this little worm and why it is totally safe for consumption.

Sago Worms are developmental stage of Red palm weevils. They are either gotten from a decaying palm tree or coconut tree and a popular traditional food for most developing countries of the world.

In Africa, Nigeria to be precise it is seen as a major source of protein and meat in rural areas and also some source of income for some individuals that harvest and sell it. These worms look dirty but are actually very safe and nutritious to consume, below are some of its nutritious contents.

Nutritional value of Eating Sago Worms includes:

1. Sago worms according to research are equivalent to eggs when it comes to protein.

2. It also contains amino acids, ash, oil and energy. Some other research shows that eating sago worms regularly can increase the magnesium, zinc, iron, lipid, dietary fiber and carbohydrate in the body. So it’s totally advisable to consume it if it’s within your reach.

So, if you are privileged to eat the worms, don’t hesitate to grab a bite because it’s also very delicious. Thanks.

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