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How to make your own custard at home and the ingredients needed

Read this very brief and precise post and stop wasting your money on CUSTARD, and begin to make your own custard at home using only 4 ingredients. Also: 7 top herbal cures and treatment for Pile

Custard is a very common household food, which is made mostly with corn flour. It is very common to combine eating your custard, with your beans, akara balls and Moi moi.

Which makes it very delicious and yummy to enjoy. Especially as breakfast in the morning. MORE: Top Foods That Can Boost Your Memory, Improve Mood

Why do you go ahead, wasting your money buying custard. When you can make it at the comfort of your home.

With just four common ingredients you can make you delicious custard. Wonderfully you can sell it and make cool cash.

Four ingredients for your home made custard:

1. Corn flour – 2 plastics.

2. Powdered milk flavor – 1 teaspoon.

3. Powdered Vanilla Flavor – I tablespoon.

4. Powdered Egg Yolk – 1/2 teaspoon.

How to prepare:

1. Mix everything together. Note: It is all powdered.

2. Sieve all your ingredients together.

3. Mix it very well for like 5- 10 minutes.

4. Pour it immediately to an airtight container.

You are free to consume it anytime you wish to.

It is as simple as it is, you can also make money from it as you wish.

Video: How to make your own custard at home:

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