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Italian Sausage Soup

Italian Sausage Soup – it’s a perfectly seasoned, richly flavored soup that’s made with Italian seasoned pork sausage, filling orzo pasta, lots of tender fresh vegetables and plenty of herbs and garlic to season. In other words you’ll get plenty of rich and meaty, herbaceous flavor in every spoonful!

Make it super cozy and pair it with homemade breadsticks!

Italian sausage soup shown in a large white pot.

Flavorful Sausage Soup

Who knows how many soup recipes are already here on Cooking Classy but that list will never end.

Soups just warm the soul. Especially as it gets colder and colder out and as the days seem to grow shorter with a lack of the glowing suns rays, even by dinnertime (anyone else already wanting to be in bed by 7 these days?).

This soup is a combination of a few of my favorites, while the leading ingredient is Italian sausage. It brings so much flavor to this simple soup and doesn’t require hours of simmering to build up flavor.

It’s an easy soup that’s perfect for a busy day. And there are a lot of ways to adapt the recipe and use up what you’ve got on hand. I’ll share all plenty of ideas below.

Or of course make it exactly as is and you’ll have a perfectly enjoyable and simply satisfying sausage soup!

Ladle full of sausage soup.

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