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Best way to Roast a Turkey Breast

Are you hosting a little, intimate gathering for Thanksgiving this year? Then hear us out: You don’t need to bother with an entire turkey.

You can just roast a turkey breast. One half-breast or maybe an entire turkey breast makes quite enough for a little party of 4 to 6. (And yes, you’ll still have many pan drippings to form gravy.)

how to cook oven roasted turkey breast

Turkey breasts also are a cinch to roast. There’s no flipping, no basting, no fuss. Here’s a recipe to point out your ways to try to 6. it, step by step.

Reasons Why you would possibly Roast a Turkey Breast

A small-scale

Thanksgiving isn’t the sole reason why you would possibly believe roasting a turkey breast on its own. Here are a couple of more times when turkey breast may be a good idea.

Extra red meat

Does your family prefer white meat over dark meat? Then roasting an additional turkey breast is sensible.for a couple of extra guests (in non-Pandemic times):

roasted turkey chest

If you’ve got a couple of too many guests for your turkey, but almost enough to justify a second bird, then it’s turkey breast to the rescue.

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Trial run

If you’re thinking of trying a replacement spice rub or roasting method for Thanksgiving, but are nervous about how it’d work, do an attempt run with turkey breasts.

Year-round turkey: A turkey breast is that the perfect size for a week’s worth of sandwiches.

What Turkey Breast to shop for

Most grocery stores sell turkey breasts year-round. You’ll either find them within the chest coolers or within the butcher’s case.

We recommend bone-in and skin-on breasts, which is what we use for this method.

One (three-pound) half-breast will feed two to four people. an entire (six- to seven-pound) turkey breast (two breasts, still joined at the breast bone) will feed six to eight people. This method here will work for either amount of meat.

Prepping a Turkey Breast for Cooking

Make sure your turkey breast is thawed before roasting. Generally, a completely frozen turkey breast will thaw in about 24 hours within the fridge. Once thawed, the turkey is often kept refrigerated for several days before roasting.

Turkey breasts also can be dry-brined or wet-brined, a bit like turkey. make certain to start out either of those methods the day before you propose to cook.

I cook turkey breasts almost precisely the same way that I cook an entire turkey: I start it during a hot 450°F oven to start out the browning then turn down the warmth to 350°F in order that the breast meat cooks through slowly.

The turkey breast on its own will cook more quickly than an entire turkey, so start checking it after an hour and continue roasting until it registers 165°F within the thickest a part of the meat.

Video of how to roast turkey breast:

Because it’s quicker to cook, I also don’t bother with basting.

I also roast a turkey breast on a roasting rack during a roasting pan to elevate it off rock bottom of the pan. But because a turkey breast is smaller, you don’t necessarily need to use a roasting pan.

You’ll also use an oven-safe skillet or any baking dish which will hold the breasts. rather than a roasting rack, you’ll roast the turkey breast over thick-cut onions and potatoes (instant side dish!).

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