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How to reach orgasm: Guide to reaching climax for ultimate pleasure

Her pleasure: Orgasms, G-spots - How to make her reach orgasm

Whether you are climaxing with a partner or during a solo session, orgasms help with all kinds of things, from lowering stress levels and heart attack risk to giving your skin a natural glow. Here, KenoTips shares with you super hot tips on how to reach orgasm and make your time in the bedroom truly unforgettable.

The intricacies of orgasms remain a mystery to many. What are the main factors that influence orgasms? Is reaching climax the only way to be fully satisfied?

Below are tested and proven steps on how to reach orgasm:

1. Don’t skip the foreplay

The importance of foreplay should never be underestimated. While some people can become aroused in mere seconds, for others, that simply isn’t the case. Foreplay includes hugging, kissing, and caressing, and it helps lubricate the vagina for comfortable sex.

Furthermore, foreplay is essential for the clitoris to become erect in preparation for an orgasm. Tell your partner what gets you excited, and reveal your various erogenous zones. Without adequate foreplay, sex can cause pain, discomfort, and feel unsatisfying.

2. Focus on Satisfying your partner

Understanding that sex is a two-way street is a great way to ensure your partner feels fulfilled in the bedroom. Your partner’s needs and desires are equally important as your own.

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Check in on how your partner’s doing, how they’re feeling, and what they want. When you know they’re having just as much fun as you are, you can reach brand-new heights of physical pleasure together.

3. How to reach orgasm: Gently and Relaxing

One of the best tips for how to orgasm is to eliminate as much stress, anxiety, and nervousness as possible. Do you ever feel like you get overly attached or struggle with a fear of rejection?

These thoughts can prompt you to focus too much on your sexual partner and forget about your own needs and desires. Achieving that perfect balance is the secret ingredient to success.

4. Communicate openly and honestly

Another key component of long-term sexual satisfaction is communication. You and your partner should be comfortable discussing what you like and don’t like, and personal preferences regarding how to orgasm.

Having these conversations could mean the difference between feeling frustrated and feeling satisfied. Opening the lines of communication also provides an opportunity to delve deeper into your sexuality, try new things, and fix ongoing problems.

5. Practice self-exploration

Self-exploration and masturbation have been very taboo subjects throughout the course of history. Many believed that it was a moral or religious no-no, or it was somehow dirty, or perhaps even dangerous. It’s only in recent years that female pleasure even became an acceptable topic of discussion.

The feelings and physical and emotional sensations experienced during sex differ dramatically from one person to the next. Knowing the most effective forms of stimulation for your body is an integral part of learning how to orgasm. Don’t be afraid to check out your options alone or with a partner to enhance sexual pleasure.

6. How to reach orgasm: You can use sex toys

Toys add a fun and whimsical dimension to sex, and you shouldn’t hesitate to add them to your repertoire. They allow you and your partner to venture into unfamiliar territory while keeping things lighthearted and playful.

Sometimes the most rewarding part of figuring out how to orgasm is the journey itself. (Quick tip: If you’ve already tried everything there is to try in and around the vagina, consider a bit of safe anal play. It might be more enjoyable than you think.)

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