How to produce your own pure groundnut oil at home

Groundnut oil, which is also called Vegetable or cooking oil, is most gotten from Peanut or groundnut. If you can recall, the real pure groundnut oil has a strong flavor of its kind. Read also: How to make your own custard at home and the ingredients needed

You will agree with me that there are so many vegetable oil in the markets and stores these days, many of which we cannot tell their source or ingredients use is making these vegetable oil.

But today, I want to share with you very simple Steps to Make your own pure groundnut oil without stress. How to make your own yoghurt at home and the basic ingredients

Ranging from Nigeria, to America, China and Russia and in other part of the globe pure groundnut oil is mostly used for cooking, because this is essentially what it is made for.

The use of pure groundnut oil is so enormous and the importance cannot be overemphasized.  Learn How to Make Your Own Body Cream at Home

As we do use groundnut oil to fry lots of things, like our chicken, beef, Potatoes, plantain, and most of things you make out from flour like buns, puff puff e.t.c.

On this article, am going to share with you the simple and best way to make your own groundnut oil. Right at the comfort of your home. And hopefully you might have some of the items am going to be listing out.

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Things you will Need to produce your own pure groundnut oil are as follows:

1. Blender

2. Your Glass plate.

3. Glass jar or bottle.

4. Fried Peeled groundnuts


1. Measure your groundnuts, up to three cups. Make sure it is the already fried ones. The ones that are already edible.

2. Peel out the back of the groundnuts all of them.

3. Get your blender, then you pour the Already peeled groundnut inside. Then you start blending. N/B; cover the blender properly to avoid it scattering here and there. How to make moi-moi in leave without wrapping-VIDEO

4. Keep checking it time by time, to be sure it has blended properly. It has to be like paste. That means there should be no particles in there.


5. When you are now sure it is now like paste, get your glass jar and pour it in there and cover it. You can keep it in your fridge for 24 hours. Or better still keep it is cool dry place for 24 hours.

6. When 24 hours have elapsed, you’ll notice that much oil have settled on top of your glass jar. Carefully open it and pour your oil to your glass plate.


7. Keep it back in your fridge or where you store it as long as you can. The more you store or keep it the more oil gathers on top of your glass jar for you to get.

Your groundnut oil is ready.

You can go ahead and cook your delicious meal, or fry whatever you wish to.

I am very sure this article has opened your eyes, and you will no longer spend your hard-earned money in buying vegetable oil you don’t know how they were prepared or the ingredients used in making the so-called vegetable oil.

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