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How to make moi-moi in leave without wrapping-VIDEO

moi mio recipe

Did you just say Moi-Moi in Leaves without wrapping, Can that be possible?

Absolutely YES! It is as possible as making Jollof rice in the oven (and yes , that is also possible).

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And now to the recipe at hand,  today I’m going to share with you how I make leaf Moi-moi without all the rigors of wrapping it.


Where I live in Europe , Moi-moi leaves are not available (not even at the African stores) and even though we  have to settle for banana leaves, we get it frozen ; as in rock frozen .

So what I do is, let it defrost and sterilize in boiling water before I use and once it is defrosted this is what I get-(leaves with many splits and cuts)

How in God’s name am i I supposed to wrap this;  like wrap this for moi-moi: the more I tried to wrap it the more split I got.

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After about 3 failed attempts, I got my light bulb moment ?and discovered a method that truly works for me and saves me a lot of stress and wastage (no more leaking moi-moi batter in the pot?) but instead you get a tasty leaf moi moi using banana leaves or the local moi moi leaves( uma leaves).

And if you are lucky to get your hands on perfect moi moi leaves but still struggle with wrapping the leaves; get ready to start enjoying that nu-matchable taste of leaf moi moi without fighting with the leaves.

For the benefit of our friends who can’t prepare moi moi yet here’s a detailed recipe and ingredient list on how to make moi moi

And now to prepare the Moi-Moi leaf we will need the followings:

  • an aluminium foil roll and of course
  • the banana leaves or local moi-moi leaves you plan to use .

1. Cut the banana leaves into a rectangle or square then you place it on the foil paper and cut the foil paper leaving about four centimeter on each side ; you don’t have to have a clean cut.

2. And now you fold the foil paper until you get to the point where the banana leaf is then you make one more fold to keep the leaf in place.

Repeat the same process for the other side and also fold the bottom if you want extra hold and to avoid leakage.

Let’s take a peek and see how it looks inside

3. And now the next step is to pour in your Moi-moi batter into the foil leaf pockets you just created and then add your protein of choice which could be either boiled egg, boiled fish, shrimps or corned beef or whatever you want to use as your filling.

4. When all the moi moi batter has been exhausted the next step is to steam the moi-moi and I do this by placing the left-over leaves at the bottom of the pot I’ll be using, then I pour a cup or two cups of water into the pot and let it boil a bit before placing the steaming basket on top of it.

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Cover the pot and let the moi-moi steam for about 45 minutes to one hour- but make sure you check to ensure that there’s still water in the pot; if there isn’t you can add a little more and let it cook until done.

Isn’t this amazing?

Now we have a delicious perfect moi-moi without any rigors of wrapping the leaves; so friends what are you waiting for? no more excuses.

So get those moi-moi and banana leaves and give yourself a treat with this lovely delicacy.

moi mio recipe

Comments are open below and I`ll love to hear from you. Let me know if you will use this method and also if there are other methods you use to get that leafy moi-moi taste without wrapping the leaves.

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