How to eradicate all dangerous creatures in and around your house

Kerosene is mainly known as a fuel especially for cooking using kerosene stoves. But above that kerosene has other many unique uses that many of us don’t know.

I am going to guide you on how you’re going to use this magic by use of a kerosene.

Make sure you follow every step correctly.

1: Get a clean empty bottle.

Poor about eight spoons of salt in the bottle.

Get about 50cl of kerosene and 25cl of water.

Add to it a 100g detergent, any kind of detergent would do.

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Now make a spray on top of the bottle and spray around your compound.

Make sure you poor at every dark point eg at the corners of the house and at flower beds.

It’s also a good idea to poor on the wall of your house from outside just at the lower level not necessarily the whole wall.

Benefits of this mixture

Kerosene is a resistant to many animals that are usually harmful to man. Kerosene kills any kind of snake upon contact as it enters through the scales of the snake into the body system where it interferes with the snake’s DNA and eventually lead to death.

this magical mixture also kills wall geckos that can be very harmful to human being upon contact. Did you know that the geckos you see hanging on your walls can poison any type of food upon contact and eventually lead to death?

Well, now you know. This is because gecko skin contains a very harmful person.

The mixture is also going to repel all types of insects from your home and compound.

It repels and kills mosquitoes, lizards, bed bugs ants and all other stubborn insects.

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