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6 Proven home remedies to keep your joystick hard – A Complete Guide

Are you aware that many men these cannot get steady erection; their women keep getting disappointments every time in the bedroom. Nowadays, many men just search the internet to find information on how to get erect and keep hard on for a longer time. This is because lots of men suffer from a tough time in getting and staying hard. This has become a common problem in today’s generation but men have been suffering for centuries yet.

One of the reasons is the age that leads to such a condition. But there is nothing to lose hope rather you need to understand that not getting enough erection does not mean that this problem will make you suffer forever. There are different ways to treat this condition.

For centuries, men have tried several natural remedies to overcome weak erection and maintain a firm erection while sexual activity. Going for home remedies can help men cure the condition works effectively.

So in this blog, I will tell you about different home remedies to keep a hard on and treat impotence or weak erection completely.

Home Remedies To Cure Weak Erection And Keep Hard On,Other Alternatives To Stay Hard For Longer

Now let us go through the list of home remedies to cure weak erection and maintain erection strength for longer. All the remedies mentioned here are easily available at home and can be used to treat the condition.

Below are top home remedies to make your joy-stick rock-hard:

1. Onion

Onion is yet another useful remedy that can be found in your kitchen. This acts as an aphrodisiac and also one of the powerful libido enhancers. Though, it’s true that most people don’t know its effective property.

How to prepare:

You need to take a white onion, peel it off, crush and then fry in butter. After that, take this mixture with honey. It is suggested to consume when you have not taken any meal for at least two hours. This is a very useful remedy for men suffering from premature ejaculation, weak erection, and also semen loss while sleep.

Note– To improve sexual performance, dip black gram in onion juice for seven days and then dry the mixture. Now take it daily as it acts as a strong aphrodisiac.

2. Carrot

This is also one of the useful and easily available foods at home. It helps to cure impotence. Many of them are not aware of this truth but it has effective properties.

How to prepare:

First, you have to take 150gm of carrots that are finely chopped with a half-boiled egg and one tablespoon of honey. Take it daily continuously for one or two months. This will be a great relief for people who get depressed about their sexual life and also improve sexual stamina.

3. Garlic

Garlic can be easily found in everyone’s home as it’s a common vegetable. But do you know that it is one kind of a home remedy to cure sexual impotence? Take note, those men suffering from weak erection, for them this home remedy is like a life-savior.

According to sex experts, garlic is known as “poor man’s penicillin”. This is because its properties act as an effective antiseptic along with an immune booster. It revitalizes sex and also improves sexual activity that might be damaged due to any disease or an accident. Moreover, if you eat garlic bread made of wholegrain gradually increases sperm production.

How to prepare:

You have to chew raw garlic two to three cloves daily. Doing this daily helps in curing weak erection and somewhere men start to maintain it harder for longer.

4. Ginseng

You might know about Ginseng that is known as “herbal Viagra”. This is extremely useful because several studies have proved it to be effective in curing ED naturally. But remember to take “red ginseng” which is a dried version of the root.

How to prepare:

You have to take 600-1000 milligrams of ginseng three times daily can help men to stay hard for longer.

5. Dates

Dates cannot be found easily in everyone’s home but you can buy them from the market. Dried dates are known to be highly powerful foods that have the ability to keep you hard-on for longer, increase sex drive and endurance, improve sexual performance and vitality.

How to prepare:

Take 100gm of dry dates and mix it with almonds, quince seeds, pistachio nuts in equal quantity and eat it daily to achieve amazing results.

6. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is also one of the important home remedies that help to cure sexual impotence in men. If you drink antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice then it can benefit you in several ways. It also treats ED in men but till now, there is no evidence.

According to experts, pomegranate juice can prove to be effective against erectile dysfunction. And at the same time, if this does not help to cure ED then it has other advantages.


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