Got Walnuts? 15 Recipes For All Your Walnut Needs

Nuts offer so many healthy nutrients, and there’s such a huge variety that you’re sure to find a type you like. Eating nuts on a plant-based diet helps you feel full for longer periods of time, and they make a great snack for on-the-go. Walnuts in particular help with brain function. However, if you don’t know many ways to incorporate walnuts into your diet, here are 15!

These recipes all feature walnuts as their base, so give them a try! Don’t forget to check out these recipes and many others on our Food Monster App!

1. Walnut Taco Meat

Source: Walnut Taco Meat

100% Raw, Gluten-Free Tacos! The “meat” is made from a walnut base and is absolutely incredible. Feel free to put this Walnut Taco Meat by Christa Clark on tortillas with some homemade salsa, cashew sour cream, and guacamole, or make it an entirely raw meal and serve it on leaves of cabbage or lettuce.

2. Black Bean, Quinoa, and Walnut Loaf

Source: Black Bean, Quinoa, and Walnut Loaf

This Black Bean, Quinoa, and Walnut Loaf by Julie Zimmer won’t fall apart on you. It holds together really well, just like a classic meatloaf. This loaf hits all the high notes for nutrition. It’s made with black beans, quinoa, black rice, chia seeds, rolled oats, and walnuts. It’s also made with mushrooms, but you don’t really taste the mushrooms in the loaf, instead, they are in there to add depth and a savory taste. You can also substitute the mushrooms with zucchini. The loaf can be served as a main course or a side dish. It tastes great as is or with mushroom gravy.

3. Spicy Mushroom and Walnut Bolognese

Source: Spicy Mushroom and Walnut Bolognese

Sliced Cremini mushrooms and chopped walnuts alone provide all the texture this hearty bolognese needs. The sauce is packed full of flavor, thanks to the balanced mix of herbs, spices, and condiments. Apart from being really quick to make, this Spicy Mushroom and Walnut Bolognese by Rita Parente and Andre Nogueira also a great freezer-friendly recipe that’s a life-saver when you work late or don’t feel like cooking.

4. Walnut Black Bean Burger

Source: Walnut Black Bean Burger

The black beans and walnuts give this burger a “meaty” and hearty texture, while the onions and tomatoes add sweetness. The avocado finishes this Walnut Black Bean Burger by Jacinthe Vigneault perfectly with its creaminess.

5. Walnut Date Fudge

Source: Walnut Date Fudge

Walnuts provide healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals and are rich in antioxidants. They’re good for the brain and support healthy aging. Dates are an excellent natural sweetener and full of goodness and give this Walnut Date Fudge by Namita Tiwari a great taste. The fudge makes a guilt-free festive sweet and dessert.

6. Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins


Source: Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins

Looking for a super moist and tasty muffin recipe? Try these Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins by Fabio Gallo! Press some extra banana on top before you bake to make these muffins perfect! The walnuts add a satisfying crunch and taste. Make sure you use ripe bananas for the extra hint of sweetness in this recipe.

7. Walnut Bread

Source: Walnut Bread

Julia Winnicki‘s Walnut Bread is great served for breakfast or as an appetizer. It has a deep nutty flavor, dense texture, and a little sweet taste. It pairs really well with jams, nut butters, vegan cheese, and avocado. Adding hazelnut flour deepens the flavor and creates darker color, making this bread somewhat reminiscent of rye bread. Because it is mostly made of nuts, this bread is very filling and satisfying, and packed with healthy proteins and fats. You can skip the oil and sub it with water or vegetable broth for a lighter oil-free version.

8. Maple Walnut Scones

Source: Maple Walnut Scones

The vegan butter and plant milk make this recipe 100% vegan and trust us, these Maple Walnut Scones by Gretchen Price will rival any traditional scone you compare them to! Don’t be afraid to enjoy these in the morning with your favorite hot drink! The drizzle of glaze is also needed to make truly make this recipe next level.

9. Burritos With Raw Taco Meat

Source: Burritos With Raw Taco Meat

Introducing the ultimate vegan Burritos With Raw Taco Meat by Amanda Nicole Smith. The base is carrots, seeds, walnuts spices, and herbs. This mock meat is full of flavor, has superb consistency, and is yet another quick and easy recipe to add to those long busy summer days. It’s also the perfect recipe if you need a simple way to eat more veggies!

10. Brown Rice and Walnut Stuffed Peppers

Source: Brown Rice and Walnut Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a popular dinner in Eastern European cooking. Typically, they are stuffed with a blend of seasoned minced meat and rice but in this Brown Rice and Walnut Stuffed Peppers by Talida Voinea, ground walnuts stand in for meat. They are combined with hearty brown rice, carrot, and savory flavors, then stuffed into the peppers and baked until the peppers are roasted and everything is warmed through. It’s a wonderfully hearty, comforting, and filling dinner that will make you feel cozy and warm.

11. Lentil, Walnut, and Millet Meatballs

Source: Lentil, Walnut, and Millet Meatballs

Did you know, you can make meaty and hearty meatballs from legumes, grains, and nuts? It’s true! In this Lentil, Walnut, and Millet Meatballs by Molly Patrick, lentils, millet, walnuts are combined along with onions, tomato paste, and spices, and herbs, and then baked until brown and crispy. Toss these meatballs on a blanket of spinach leaves and brown rice pasta, add some cashew cheese if your heart desires it, and dig in.

12. Homestyle ‘Meaty’ Tomato Sauce With Lentils and Walnuts

Source: Homestyle ‘Meaty’ Tomato Sauce With Lentils and Walnuts

This Homestyle ‘Meaty’ Tomato Sauce With Lentils and Walnuts by Renee Press is a universal crowd-pleaser, with few ingredients (and easy to find ones at that), you simply set it on the stove and let it simmer away until serving. Earthy and hearty this is a go-to sauce for spaghetti, as a filling for vegan lasagna, or spooned over steamed veggies. The walnuts give a significant boost of healthy fats, oils, and protein, while lending a “meatiness” and flavor that is unsurpassed. This recipe makes quite a large batch, so feel free to half it or freeze some for a later date.

13. Maple Caramelized Walnuts

Source: Maple Caramelized Walnuts

It’s amazing how good these Maple Caramelized Walnuts by Stephanie McKinnie are and how easy they are to make! They taste like there is butter on them but it’s just maple syrup and sea salt. They make a healthy incredibly addictive sweet snack.

14. Maple Cardamom Candied Walnuts

Source: Maple Cardamom Candied Walnuts

These Maple Cardamom Candied Walnuts by Daniela Modesto are insanely simple to make and truthfully, compared to conventional candied nuts, are far less sweet and use only quality ingredients. You need maple syrup, coconut sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, salt and obviously walnuts. The rest of the magic happens in the oven. It’s recommended to let them cool completely before eating them (all).

15. Walnut Hemp Blender Muffins

Source: Walnut Hemp Blender Muffins

These Walnut Hemp Blender Muffins by Robin Runner make baking exceptionally easy! The muffins have healthy fats and protein from hemp and walnuts. However, they still have the perfect amount of indulgence thanks to the dark chocolate stirred in.

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