Chocolate Lark Cocktail (Low-Proof) Recipes

A chocolatey riff on the classic Adonis cocktail, this drink is made with crème de cacao, sherry, and vermouth to garnish it.

This low-proof cocktail feels so special you won’t know what you’re missing. It’s equally perfect for a holiday cocktail party or Friday movie night!

Low-alcohol cocktail in a coupe glass with a second cocktail behind it and ingredients for the cocktail in the upper left.

The Chocolate Lark accomplishes the near-impossible: surprising complexity and body for a low-alcohol cocktail, enshrouded in a deliciousness that stops shy of being a dessert. This cocktail is one any host should have up their sleeve.

In fact, as a lower-proof cocktail, its character is entirely built on the interplay of its compelling ingredients—specifically, sherry, vermouth, and creme de cacao.

A person using a cocktail shaker to pour a Chocolate cocktail into a coupe glass. A second cocktail with ingredients are behind the glass.

Credit: SimplyRecipes

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