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Candied Yams {Sweet Potatoes}

Candied Yams – A classic Thanksgiving side dish that’s actually made with sweet potatoes (often referred to as yams), brown sugar, and here browned butter. This is my absolute favorite way to make them!

Close up image of candied yams on a red and white decorative side plate.

Candied Yams

The thing that really sets these apart from other candied yams is the browned butter.

I started using browned butter in many of my sweet potato recipes because it really is the ultimate way to upgrade sweet potatoes.

It perfectly compliments that sweet flavor while bringing a nutty, caramel-like flavor to the dish.

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Once you try it this way you’ll never look back! It’s easily worth the few extra minutes to brown the butter.

When a vegetable becomes a total treat like so, everyone will love them!

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