Boy and Dog with “Superpowers” Paired in Heart Warming Adoption Story

Umbrella of Hope Animal Rescue in California made a South Carolina boy very happy by connecting him with his new best friend. The animal rescue received a homeless dog and started looking for a home for him. Little did they know that they would find a “matching” spot for the pup named Podkin.

Podkin and Henry, the boy who adopted him, share a common bond. Both were born with a craniofacial difference called “microtia” which is the medical term for “small or missing ear,” according to the shelter. Henry’s mom Stacy saw Podkin and immediately knew he would be a great dog for her son.

Henry was excited about Podkin too. According to the shelter, Henry said, “Mommy! That little puppy is just like me! You were right, there are special people just like me! And he doesn’t have TWO big ears, he has a little one and a big one. He needs me, Mommy! I want Podkin because then I can show him that I’m just like him and he won’t be sad anymore and he can have my house!”

Henry asked Umbrella of Hope volunteer Tish lots of questions about Podkin and how he was treated because of his ear. Tish shared that other dogs don’t notice Podkin’s ear and treat him the same.“Wow, that is so cool! Podkin can come to my school and tell those kids that I’m not different either,” said Henry.

Henry and Podkin
Photo Courtesy of Umbrella Of Hope Rescue

Henry and Podkin are now best friends!

We encourage everyone thinking of getting a pet to adopt instead of shop. Read more resources about adopting animals on One Green Planet, including 7 Reasons to Adopt Your Next Furry Best Friend, 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Adopt a Pet, and These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day! Read tips for pet adoptions and what to consider before adopting an animal. We recommend using these apps to find shelter dogs near you!

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