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4 ways to use guava leaves to boost fertility, enhance pregnancy

Are you finding it difficult to conceive? I have good news for you today. I will be sharing with you how to use this guava leaves to boost your fertility and have your own baby.

How to prepare and drink this recipe:

1. Get your guava leaves, wash and boil them for minutes to extract all the nutrients and goodies from the leaves.

2. You will start drinking this tea the second day you started your menstrual period. You can store the tea in the fridge.

3. Drink 1 cup first thing in the morning before eating and last thing to drink at night. Take it for 3 days.

4. In case you notice the blood flow of your period increases don’t worry it causes some women

5. After you finished your period immediately, eat and drink foods that will also boost your fertility like, cinnamon, okra, banana recipe, etc.

I will later share with you some of the recipes


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding don’t drink it please.

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