4 Health conditions Onions can treat

Onions is not meant for only cooking, check out other wonderful things you can do with onions.

Never mind the tears that flows from your eyes while slicing an onion, our meals are never complete without onions in them.

Although some people don’t like onions but that doesn’t change the fact that it has many nutritional functions in the body.

Many of us think onion is only for cooking, well I’m glad to tell you that there are many other awesome things you can do with an onion. Stay tuned.

1. Insect bites

Cut an onion in half and apply it on the affected areas, not only will it reduce the pain, it will also reduce the swelling by absorbing the poison from you body, awesome right?

2. Earache

Whenever you experience an earache, just cut out a small bit of onion and place it on the ear canal, it will soften the wax build up in the ear and also ease the pain.

3. Burns

when you experience a minor burn, just slice an onion and place one half of the onion on the burnt area, the onion juice will ease the pain and also prevent scarring. It also helps prevent the area from getting exposed to infections (if you experience a major burn, go to the hospital)

4. Fever

Whenever you are fuming with fever, just keep a slice of onion in your socks while you sleep, it will help.

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